Kaalsarp yog Shanti

Kaalsarpyog Remedy from Siddheshwar Dhaam

    Har Har Mahadev Shambhu ! Jai Ho Mansa Devi Ki ! Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki !

Shri Shri Manish Dev Linnko Guru Maharaaj ji is an Indian astrologer and dragon’s head devotee (Shri Rahu Maharaaj Sadhak). He belongs to Lucknow, India. After completing a hard sadhana by the grace of Shri Rahu Maharaaj he establish Jyotirling of Siddheshwar at Lohungpur, Lucknow, India, that called Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam. Where Shri Rahu Maharaaj is situated with shiddheshwer swaroop of shiv ji because rahu maharaaj is an ornament of Shiv ji. He has been working from last 20 years for those people who have critical problems and unbalanced condition in life due to kaalsarp dosh.



He only does kaalsarp yog dosh shanti Yagya and prays by jaap, yagya for those people who have Kaalsarp yog. He has done a lot of “Yagya of Kaalsarp yog shanti (remedy)” and grand “Mahayagya” which give relief for all people on earth, because Yagya is a swaroop of Shiv ji and rahu maharaaj is an ornament of Shiv ji, So the yagya is only  Solution for the “Sarp Dosh” in Horoscope. Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam is Siddh Jyotirling for Kaalsarp dosh Remedy. Shri guru maharaaj ji is a medium between you and Shri Rahu Maharaaj.

Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki !




Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam  


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